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Jérôme de Witt created his eponymous brand in 2003 to give form and function to his vision of modern watchmaking. As a direct descendant of European Emperors and Kings, Jérôme de Witt marries regal design aesthetic with patented and award-winning complications.

Every aspect of watchmaking is housed within the 5000 square-metre Manufacture, ensuring a seamless development from sketch to polished piece.

From the DeWitt Imperial Columns on every case, to the award-winning patented Differential System, to the iconic elegance of the ladies timepieces - every DeWitt watch communicates your expectation of excellence.


Observe our exquisite Dewitt timepieces in-store, exclusive to Vendome. Alternatively, you can click the VIEW button below to explore the collections online via the Dewitt site. We will then arrange payment for your selected piece(s) as well as shipping.