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Founded in 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland, RJ-Romain Jerome has quickly become renowned for its unique concept "DNA of famous legends". RJ-Romain Jerome allows its customers to own a part of history by creating highly emotional timepieces and accessories inspired by and incorporating the DNA of a contemporary legend. From the RMS Titanic, the 1969 Moon Landing, and New York's Statue of Liberty, to the DeLoreanPac-Man, and Space Invaders - the Romain Jerome Collections offer function and form in a piece of wearable history.

RJ's watches are Swiss made and combine craftsmanship and know-how with outstanding technical expertise. They embody the values of their time: a sense of distinctiveness, a need for speed and a spectacular yet discreetly sophisticated aura of virility.

Observe our unique Romain Jerome timepieces in-store, exclusive to Vendome. Alternatively, you can click the SHOP button below to view the collections online via the Romain Jerome site. We will then arrange payment for your selected piece(s) as well as shipping.

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