Baccarat Mosaique Set of 6 Tumblers

Baccarat Mosaic Set of 6 Colors 2810602 $2848.00.jpg
Baccarat Mosaic Set of 6 Colors 2810602 $2848.00.jpg

Baccarat Mosaique Set of 6 Tumblers


Item no...2810602

Size H 10 cm / 3.94''

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Must-have: a set of 6 colourful glasses to welcome the beautiful weather. Handcrafted using traditional glassblowing techniques, these glasses are the perfect gift! Available in a set of 6 in 6 different colors. The tableware has a simple silhouette that is precise and elegant. The understated shape of the tumblers makes their use appropriate for any and all drinking experiences: as a water or fruit juice glass, or mixed in with Baccarat clear crystal bar sets. The hand-blown Mosaïque tumblers are cased in clear crystal, and are available in a vast array of cheerful colors in this set: orange, blue, purple, moss, green, and Baccarat’s signature ruby red crystal. The interplay of light with the smooth surface and the colored crystal makes for a radiant table, and a compelling soirée.

As a gift of the celebrations, the very popular Baccarat products.

It said even with the world's best Crystal is not an exaggeration.

This is the Crystal glass Baccarat allure is also a "dignified" and "shine". Secrets of the Crystal is different from usual glass material and containing a "lead" in the glass, this is characteristic of "dignified" and "shine" in secret is.

Crystal and heavy unique Baccarat beautiful iridescent glitter that attract all people.

When products such as Baccarat, I want to give gifts with heart to absolutely no failures present said. Presented himself "even for their own wants ' and so would feel jealousy has a magical charm attract people to its brilliance and dignified.

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