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Living on South Beach's exclusive Star Island, Blaken founder Hendrik Jürgens was struck that everything at his high-profile neighbours homes was personalised - from ties, to cutlery, to the champagne. Everything except for their high-end luxury watches.

After years of technology research, building prototypes, and product testing, Jürgens achieved the unique quality of Blaken. Blaken watches are created using two multiple-patented hi-tech procedures and are coated in Diamond-like Carbon (DLC). Each standard watch is carefully disassembled - only the movement remains untouched - customized, then reassembled and backed by Blaken with a 3 year warranty.

From a high-shine polished deep black, to a satin anthracite, there are a range of colours available to achieve your desired individuality. 

Observe our unique Blaken timepieces in-store, exclusive to Vendome. Alternatively, you can click the SHOP button below to view the collections online via the Blaken site. We will then arrange payment for your selected piece(s) as well as shipping.

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