JUVO is challenging the way watch collectors display their watches by offering affordable luxury winders in minimalist designs, which compliment the living environment. 

JUVO solves a simple problem for the typical ardent watch collector. Currently the choice is limited to either elaborate high-end winders, or cheap boxy,noisy, utilitarian winders which are best left hidden away.

JUVO's solution is contemporary, tall and sleek, drawing inspirations from vintage Hi-Fi stereo amplifiers, It is constructed with high quality wood, chrome control knobs, and radiant fluorescent lights. Along with its whisper quiet motor, the watches can become the center of attention at just the flick of a switch.


Shop Juvo's watch winders, available in 3,4,6 or 8 watch capacity options

now available at Vendome eBoutique

Technical Specifications:

  • Case is hand-made made with fine materials comprising of high gloss wood panel, front glass cover, aluminum side panels, and a glass plate on top (aluminum panel and glass plate is omitted from All Wood models)
  • Four independent rotation options with Turns- Per-Day (TPD) rates of 650-900-1200-1500 TPD, and three directions (Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, Bi-Directional)
  • Auto reset to 12’o clock position, so the watch is always in an upright position


  • Reliable and quiet Mabuchi motor from Japan
  • Durable watch cushion with memory foam and PU leather to offer good grip and accommodate oversize watches
  • First ever use of COB (Chips on Board) lights in a winder. Three varying intensities controlled by a touch-sensitive switch
  • Guaranteed for 2 years, from the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defect
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