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All Philip Stein products are embedded with our proprietary Natural Frequency Technology® which acts like a finely tuned antenna, harnessing beneficial natural frequencies of the Earth and channeling them to the body to help you feel less stress, more energy and sleep better.

Natural Frequencies And Their Origin.

Events on earth such as thunderstorms and in outer space such as intense solar activity constantly produce extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves below 40 Hertz. Did you know that lightning strikes somewhere around the globe several times every second of the day? This produces a constant supply of natural frequencies that circle the earth, trapped between the earth’s surface and ionosphere, energy available to Philip Stein.

We believe that all organisms have evolved or grown accustomed to these natural frequencies, and our systems are tuned to operate best with them, rather than with the increasing number of man-made frequencies we experience daily in our modern world.

Please contact us to find our about the unique Philip Stein timepieces we have. 

We are also able to order STRAPS, any BRACELETS or WATCHES you see on the main Philip Stein Site - we can provide an Australian Dollar delivered price for you.

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