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Founded in 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland, RJ-Romain Jerome has quickly become renowned for its unique concept "DNA of famous legends". RJ-Romain Jerome allows its customers to own a part of history by creating highly emotional timepieces and accessories inspired by and incorporating the DNA of a contemporary legend. From the RMS Titanic, the 1969 Moon Landing, and New York's Statue of Liberty, to the DeLoreanPac-Man, and Space Invaders - the Romain Jerome Collections offer function and form in a piece of wearable history.

RJ's watches are Swiss made and combine craftsmanship and know-how with outstanding technical expertise. They embody the values of their time: a sense of distinctiveness, a need for speed and a spectacular yet discreetly sophisticated aura of virility.

Observe our unique Romain Jerome timepieces in-store, exclusive to Vendome. Alternatively, you can click the SHOP button below to shop our collections online at our eBoutique

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