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Paul Forrest Co. is a fine jewellery company focused on design, innovation, and quality. Headquartered in New York and engineered and constructed in Fleurier, Switzerland, the company has created the bridge between fine jewellery and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship.

Paul Forrest Co. uses the finest materials and techniques to craft the brand’s signature jewellery. With its style and movement, the Magnificent Motion concept achieves the company’s goal of creating stunning jewellery unlike anything ever seen before.


Each pendant, features a tiny hidden mechanical marvel that magically brings to life the heartbeat in a sparkling celebration of love. Much like a music box or watch, each Paul Forrest pendant is wound by a tiny key and brought to life effortlessly. The Swiss made pendants are created using the finest materials, including 18-karat gold, and feature a key and heart motif. They are underscored by the tag line, Key to your Heart. Designed for today’s contemporary woman who wants something truly different, Heart’s Passion, marks the first foray by Paul Forrest into jewelry.

Make an Appointment to discuss the stunning Paul Forrest Mechanical pieces. Alternatively, you can click the VIEW button below to see the collections online via the PAUL FORREST site.

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